I am very excited about Issue 21 of the LGD journal. In order to capture the breadth of scholarship from our authors, I have used some of the photos from the 2015/2016 GRP International Development Photo Competition to illustrate the complexities of the subjects that they discuss. Just like the papers of this edition of the LDG, many of these photos vividly illustrate the experiences of those who are excluded from justice due to the frenetic pace of global development. The GRP is indebted to all those who contributed photos in last year’s photo competition and we hope that many of you will submit photos for this year’s competition.


CREDIT: Fatin Nadhirah

This photo captures the universality of women’s experiences of exclusion.

It fits in with Smita Ray’s    article on the diverse issues that immigrants from Gujarat face in trying to learn English as a second language.

In this photo we see women in the shadows sitting outside individual shops in what appears to be a shopping mall. While they have been given seats in this mall, their view is from the outside, looking in, unable to fully engage in the benefits of this highly commercialised world. Dressed traditionally, they appear servile and stand in sharp contrast to the tuxedo on display in the shop and the two     men who appear to be engaged in a world that they not fully part of.

CREDIT: Fatin Nadhirah